Project: Website
Role: Developer & Project Manager
Client: artwrap
Year: 2015
CMS: WordPress

Showing passion for greeting card and gift wrap designs

artwrap is a wholesale supplier of greeting cards and wrapping paper in Australia.

Artwrap Wholesale Gift Wrap Website


artwrap’s website provides retailers with basic contact information but the dated design makes retailer wonder if it is being updated at all.

For example, the home page has a carousel which is the main access to the company’s catalogue but retailers often miss it. The site doesn’t portray the fun and creative culture of the company, which is definitely one of their best assets.

Because of these, artwrap wants a design that better showcases their products and company culture.


The design studio at artwrap is about trends and setting trends. When you visit the new site, you definitely notice the difference.

The home page greets visitors with their latest gift wrap design stretched across the background. The bold statement emphasizes their value, “We take design seriously.” The long-scrolling page takes the user through a journey: company news, products, brands, and lastly, an invitation to contact them.

Throughout the website, we use short and concise descriptions. The tone of voice is less corporate, but not less professional. Instead of downloading PDF catalogues, customers can view the range of products artwrap offers on the Products page.

The result is a site that captures the company’s passion for design and invites customers to engage.

Artwrap Website, Long Scrolling, Parallax Website
Parallax scrolling home page
Artwrap Website, Product Range: Greeting Cards
Artwrap Website, Product Range: Stationery

Mobile responsive website • Long-scrolling home page • Parallax scrolling • Blog (News) • Product categories • Image sliders • Contact form • Photo editing

Tiffany brought with her a warm attitude and openness that made communication much easier for me and my team.


When we first connected with Tiffany, VLMFSS acknowledged that the website was outdated, needed improvement in our branding, and difficult to navigate for communities and service providers. We needed a creative and timely solution that would make updating the site easy. Most importantly, we wanted to establish trust with our clients, community partners, and the public online – this meant putting accessibility and privacy first.

The resulting new site has streamlined client intake and provided translations so that clients of various backgrounds could utilize our services no matter what language they spoke. We also embarked on the bold initiative to modernize the beloved logo. It was not an easy process, but we came to a decision that we were all happy with.

Tiffany brought with her a warm attitude and openness that made communication much easier for me and my team. Her creativity, adaptability, highly organized skills, response times, problem-solving, and communication were instrumental for us to achieve the goals we embarked on.

We are very proud of the work Tiffany did on our website. We have received numerous positive comments from our clients and community partners. We will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone requiring a fresh and innovative approach and look for their websites or other online platforms.

Dr. Harjit K.
Executive Director

Working with Tiffany on our new website was a wonderful experience, and we are genuinely delighted with the results.

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society logo

Tiffany patiently guided us through each step, was always there to answer our questions and provide valuable advice. Her clear and straightforward communication style made the process a breeze. She excels at crafting messaging that resonates with our audience, coupled with a strong sense of style. Tiffany helped us boost our website traffic, and we’ve seen impressive results in just two months. We highly recommend Tiffany for anyone looking for a talented, knowledgeable, and supportive website designer.

Anastasia S.
Evaluation and Learning Coordinator

We were amazed by the artistic skill and knowledge that went into creating our new and improved logo, and were appreciative of her guidance while we rebuilt our brand.

Dixon Transition Society logo

Tiffany’s experience and dedication were invaluable in transforming our online presence and brand identity. Thanks to Tiffany, our website not only looks amazing but functions flawlessly.  Tiffany went above and beyond to understand our needs, and delivered results that exceeded our expectations.  We were amazed by the artistic skill and knowledge that went into creating our new and improved logo, and were appreciative of her guidance while we rebuilt our brand.  From the get-go, Tiffany always offered a helping hand and went the extra mile to incorporate various helpful features on our site.  Even after the project was completed, Tiffany continues to check-in on our website and reach out to make sure we have all the information we need to smoothly operate the website moving forward.  She even sat down with us and walked us through a technical step-by-step for WordPress!  I highly recommend Tiffany to help you or your organization on your next project.

Jessica R.
Executive & Communications Assistant

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