Brainbridge Bilingual Education

Project: Website
Role: Web developer
Client: Brainbridge Bilingual Education
Year: 2019
CMS: WordPress

Presenting parents with bilingual early child education

Since 1994, Brainbridge Bilingual Education and Fine Arts Centre has been helping children learn and grow in a supportive and caring environment.

Brainbridge Education Website, Home Page


Brainbridge Bilingual Education and Fine Arts Centre (Brainbridge) has been around for many years. They have a site but the online form is failing. Sometimes they receive the submissions, other times they don’t.

Brainbridge hires me improve their online form, and to revamp their site while maintaining their brand integrity.


Working with graphic designer Dixon Cheung, we design a site that builds on Brainbridge’s brand. We continue to use cartoon graphics to show the fun and caring place that kids learn in.

Like the Brainbridge classrooms, the font is playful, and the pages are colourful. The site structure and forms are simple, making it easy for parents to sign up and for staff to review applications. The result is an increase in online signups.

Brainbridge Education Website, After School Program page in computer mockup
Brainbridge Education Website, Preschool page
Brainbridge Education Website, Summer school program page
Brainbridge Education Website, Application Form
Brainbridge Education Website, Programs page
Brainbridge Education Website, Home Page footer

Graphic designer – Dixon Cheung
Web designer and developer – Tiffany Mark

Mobile responsive website • Long scrolling home page with vertical navigation • Application forms • Layout design

I highly recommend Tiffany without reservation to help you and your company get the most out of your web presence.

Tiffany always responded promptly to our calls or emails and provided the answer or the further upgrade we requested. It is very reassuring to know Tiffany is so accessible when we need help. Our customers expressed they liked our new website and the growth in our business across Canada has proven it works.

Peter R.

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