Classic Chiropractic

Project: Website
Role: Web Developer & Photographer
Client: Classic Chiropractic
Year: 2015
CMS: WordPress

Easing the pain for patients both figuratively and physically

Dr. Michael Abels has been in practice for over 20 years as a chiropractor. He has treated countless patients from pains due to sports or other injuries. My role is to ease the pain of finding the office.

Classic Chiropractic, Chiropractor Website


Ever since Dr. Abels moved to a new address, patients have trouble finding the new location. Without a website, patients also have a hard time referring friends and family to the office.

Because of this, Dr. Abels contacts me to build a website that is easy to manage and update. After our initial meeting, we decide that new patients would also need to learn about the Dr. Abel’s specialty on the Gonstead technique.


The site not only provides visitors with contact information and operating hours, but also informs patients of Dr. Abels’ specialized chiropractic technique.

The photos that I took of the office lets visitors have an accurate picture of the clinic before they arrive. The resulting site is easy to navigate and helps put the business on the map.

Classic Chiropractic, Chiropractor Website
On every page, the contact information is at the top and the hours of operations on the sidebar.
Classic Chiropractic, Custom Photography of the Clinic
Custom photography of the chiropractic office
Classic Chiropractic Skeleton
Custom photography, close up of the model spine

Mobile responsive chiropractor website • Blog (Tech Talk) • FAQ page • Google map • Custom photography • Photo editing • Site upgrades

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