Gabroo Tv

Project: Logo and website
Role: Designer and web developer
Client: Gabroo Tv
Year: 2019
CMS: WordPress

Capturing Bhangra sensation through videos

Gabroo Tv is founded by Harjot Hundal. Harjot uses his video producing skills to help promote for Sikhi, Punjabi culture, Bhangra and Giddha.

Gabroo Tv Website Design


The Gabroo Tv project consists of redesigning the logo and creating website to store videos and share information.

Over the years, Harjot has captured countless memories of Bhangra dances worldwide. While the videos are on YouTube, he wants to further make it easier for viewers to sort and find videos.

Harjot’s vision is to create a hub where he can show his videos, promote events, and allow teams to update and view their profiles. The site would let communities from all over the world come together and share experiences.


We start off by redesigning the logo for a simple one that Harjot can use across all his platforms. The result is a clean, timeless logo that can be used in solid black, white or in colour. It works well as a watermark on videos and for the intro and credits.

The site is user-centred, starting with the navigation menu. The menu is slim, with only the items most important to the viewer. Viewers can filter videos by event, team, location, year, and categories. They can watch videos directly on the site. Every event and team page is easy to scan.

The result is a complex site made easy for the viewer to use and made easy for the administrator to expand on.

Gabroo Tv Videos
Gabroo Tv Homepage logo
Gabroo Tv Website Design, Events page

Mobile responsive website • Logo design • Videos categorization • Filter and sort functionality • Event page design • Team page design • Blog

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