Pacific Insight

Project: Marketing Assets
Role: Graphic Designer
Client: Pacific Insight Electronics Corp.
Year: 2015

Selling a different driving experience

Pacific Insight is a reputable electronics design and manufacturing company. Their products enhance the automobile riding experience.


As Pacific Insight increase in size, they realize their brand (how the public perceives them) is not align with their identity (how they perceive themselves)– which is a global solutions provider.

With a trade show coming up, Pacific Insight hires me to rebuild their identity. Specifically, they want to update their marketing materials so that they focus on the end-products.


The project involves designing the booth panels and product brochures for the show.

Using bold imagery, consistent colour themes and layouts, we unify Pacific Insight’s marketing materials in time for their trade show.

The feedback from the sales team at the trade show is positive.We receive positive feedback from the sales team at the trade show.

Pacific Insight, Booth Panel Design for Trade Show

Booth panel design: a luxurious appeal

To create a sense of luxury, we use one large image to capture our audience. It’s a photo of the interior of a vehicle using Pacific Insight’s ambient lighting.

With subtle diagonal shapes, we guide the audience’s eyes to the right, highlighting the three main product lines. Finally, a simple web address acts as the call to action.

Product brochures: highlighting the best features

To easily find and compare product features, the brochures all share the same layout. We divide the layout into three sections: overview, features and specifications, and description.

Each product also has a unique colour. These design decisions let both salespeople and customers quickly find the information they care about most.

Pacific Insight, Brochure Design 1
Pacific Insight, Brochure Design 2
Pacific Insight, Brochure Design 3
Pacific Insight, Brochure Design 4
Pacific Insight, Email Design

Email and postcard invitations: uniform look and feel

Using the brand guidelines, I design the email and postcard templates with a uniform look and feel.

They use the same corporate blue header and footer areas with the logo at the same spot.

For the body of the email, I format the date and time in a way that recipients can easily scan for the important details.

Brand design • Graphic design • Trade show booth design • Product brochure design • HTML Email design • Postcard design

Working with Tiffany on our new website was a wonderful experience, and we are genuinely delighted with the results.

Her clear and straightforward communication style made the process a breeze…We highly recommend Tiffany for anyone looking for a talented, knowledgeable, and supportive website designer.

Anastasia S.
Evaluation and Learning Coordinator

We were amazed by the artistic skill and knowledge that went into creating our new and improved logo, and were appreciative of her guidance while we rebuilt our brand.

Tiffany’s experience and dedication were invaluable in transforming our online presence and brand identity. Thanks to Tiffany, our website not only looks amazing but functions flawlessly.  Tiffany went above and beyond to understand our needs, and delivered results that exceeded our expectations.

Jessica R.
Executive & Communications Assistant

I am very pleased with Tiffany’s work along with her professionalism and dependability.

I found Tiffany by chance when I was under a tight time crunch to complete my website. She took the rough draft and gave it a major face lift in a very short time frame. I am very pleased with Tiffany’s work along with her professionalism and dependability. Tiffany is a shining star and a dream to work with! I will definitely hire her again for future projects.

Heather V.

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