Therapeutics Initiative

Project: Website
Role: Web Developer & Designer
Client: Therapeutics Initiative, UBC
Year: 2015
CMS: WordPress

Publishing studies on drug therapies based on evidence

Therapeutics Initiative (TI) is an organization, funded by UBC, to provide evidence on drug therapies, independent of corporate entities.

UBC's Theraupeutics Initiative, Web Design


Therapeutics Initiative (TI) at UBC has a website that receives high traffic from healthcare professionals. One of the pitfalls is that their search functionality is not working at all.

They made their last upgrade in 2010 to Drupal 6. This content management system requires the administrator to be technical proficient and so it is cumbersome to make updates to. One of the main objectives is to switch to the more admin-friendly WordPress system.


Design: the new TI site design makes content easy to scan and access.

  • Bigger focus on social media on the home page
  • Use of prominent buttons for event registration, downloads, and social sharing
  • Profiles on the About pages condensed in a grid and can be expanded to view details

Content: I migrate over 200 posts to the new site.

  • Better content layout for readability and online scanning
  • Use of different post types for better grouping of material.

Functionality: basic functions like search and mobile responsiveness work seamlessly

  • Mobile responsive
  • Retains multilingual capability
  • Search produces results by relevance
  • Easier to manage
  • Comments are sent to admins for moderation and approval
The hero image represents the organization. Social media feeds and post feeds help guide visitors to other content.
UBC's Therapeutics Initiative, Web Design, Teams
Profiles on the About pages are condensed in a grid and can be expanded to reveal details.
UBC's Therapeutics Initiative, Web Design, Newsletters Feed
Instead of having the letters listed in a table, the new Therapeutics Letter page is visually more compelling, with thumbnail images and call-to-action buttons.
UBC's Therapeutics Initiative, Web Design, Newsletters Article
The new layout breaks down content with large, bold headings and subheadings, which is especially useful for these long published letters.

Resource website • Mobile responsive theme • WordPress CMS • Multi-language (English & Spanish) • Event registration buttons • Blog (News, Letters, etc.) • PDF Downloads • Social Sharing

Working with Tiffany on our new website was a wonderful experience, and we are genuinely delighted with the results.

Her clear and straightforward communication style made the process a breeze…We highly recommend Tiffany for anyone looking for a talented, knowledgeable, and supportive website designer.

Anastasia S.
Evaluation and Learning Coordinator

We were amazed by the artistic skill and knowledge that went into creating our new and improved logo, and were appreciative of her guidance while we rebuilt our brand.

Tiffany’s experience and dedication were invaluable in transforming our online presence and brand identity. Thanks to Tiffany, our website not only looks amazing but functions flawlessly.  Tiffany went above and beyond to understand our needs, and delivered results that exceeded our expectations.

Jessica R.
Executive & Communications Assistant

I am very pleased with Tiffany’s work along with her professionalism and dependability.

I found Tiffany by chance when I was under a tight time crunch to complete my website. She took the rough draft and gave it a major face lift in a very short time frame. I am very pleased with Tiffany’s work along with her professionalism and dependability. Tiffany is a shining star and a dream to work with! I will definitely hire her again for future projects.

Heather V.

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