VLMFSS Society

Project: Brand & Website
Role: Web Designer & Developer
Client: Vancouver & Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services Society (VLMFSS)
Year: 2023
CMS: WordPress
Site: vlmfss.ca

Fostering inclusivity online to help end family violence for all

Vancouver & Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services Society (VLMFSS) uses a culturally responsive, women-centred approach to help people affected by family violence.

VLMFSS non profit website redesign
VLMFSS website redesign


For over 30 years, VLMFSS has been helping refugee and immigrant women facing family violence. One difficulty with the VLMFSS brand is that the full name is hard to remember and the logo does not scale well on different media. Moreover, the upkeep of the website is falling behind.

VLMFSS reaches out to me to redesign their logo and website. The challenge is to retain elements from the original logo as a tribute to the organization’s legacy while giving it a fresh look.

The goal for the website is to make it accessible to everyone, especially non-native English speakers. Because VLMFSS deals with sensitive issues, they want to convey the same sense of privacy and safety online as they do for clients offline.


The rebrand involves highlighting the abbreviated name “VLMFSS” and introducing the vibrant colour blue. The blue not only symbolizes vitality but also helps broaden the appeal. The final design is a simplified version of the original logo that is easier to scale across various media.

Along with the brand transformation, we also make significant improvements to the site so that it is easy to use. We use icons, Google Translate, diverse photos, easy-to-understand language, and the same message everywhere.

The outcome is an inviting and user-friendly website that places accessibility and confidentiality at the forefront.

VLMFSS logo on business card mockup
Mockup of the VLMFSS logo on business cards of different colours.
VLMFSS website pages translated in different languages. 3 sample pages side by side with translated versions above and below.
Google Translate is available on the site so visitors can read the content in different languages.
VLMFSS website redesign: tablet with form showing
The new form helps VLMFSS decide what kind of help a client needs. This means clients can get help faster.
VLMFSS website on mobile
The website is easy to use on all devices, and “Exit Now” is always visible, so clients can leave quickly when they want to.
VLMFSS page with testimonial and contact information
While testimonials are helpful for site visitors to understand the benefit of reaching out (social validation), keeping the client’s identity private is just as important. Here, we use a photo of nature and “Anonymous” to hide the identity of the author. Below that, you can see that we use icons to make it easier to understand key information for non-English readers.

Logo & Brand design • Website redesign • Quick Exit button • Google Translate integration • Accessibility • Donation form integration • Online intake form • Events feed • Diversity & Inclusion

Working with Tiffany on our new website was a wonderful experience, and we are genuinely delighted with the results.

Her clear and straightforward communication style made the process a breeze…We highly recommend Tiffany for anyone looking for a talented, knowledgeable, and supportive website designer.

Anastasia S.
Evaluation and Learning Coordinator

We were amazed by the artistic skill and knowledge that went into creating our new and improved logo, and were appreciative of her guidance while we rebuilt our brand.

Tiffany’s experience and dedication were invaluable in transforming our online presence and brand identity. Thanks to Tiffany, our website not only looks amazing but functions flawlessly.  Tiffany went above and beyond to understand our needs, and delivered results that exceeded our expectations.

Jessica R.
Executive & Communications Assistant

I am very pleased with Tiffany’s work along with her professionalism and dependability.

I found Tiffany by chance when I was under a tight time crunch to complete my website. She took the rough draft and gave it a major face lift in a very short time frame. I am very pleased with Tiffany’s work along with her professionalism and dependability. Tiffany is a shining star and a dream to work with! I will definitely hire her again for future projects.

Heather V.

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